Dynamics GP SmartList default produces no data

Recently when working with the client that has eOne Solutions SmartList Builder installed they came across an issue where their default (*) Sales Line Items SmartList was not producing data when they clicked on it.  Dynamics GP would freeze and the process would be stuck in the Process Monitor.  When you install the SmartList Builder add-in to Dynamics GP, it copies all of your SmartLists and the favorites that you created into eOne Solution tables.  Any Dynamics GP user that selects the “Modify” button on the SmartList window will duplicate any default SmartLists and cause the issue of that SmartList then not producing any data. This button’s functionality should be removed from the general GP users security role to eliminate this from happening in the future.

GP SmartList 1

To fix the issue follow the steps below –

  1. Open SmartList Builder

GP SmartList 2

  1. Select “Existing” and then any SmartList ID with “*” at the end. (i.e. Sales Line Items* in screen shot)

GP SmartList 3

  1. Select the SmartList and then click on “Delete” button to remove modified default SmartList causing the issue.

GP SmartList 4

4. Select SmartList and the Default SmartList you were having an issue with and it should now produce data with no issues.


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